Entry #2


2007-12-22 19:38:51 by DingoEatingFuzz

Monocled.com is a web comic site approaching 100 comics strong. Today a huge part of the website has been finished, the vWeb! In the vWeb you will see site updates and a contact form (and more to come) appear right on top of the current comic.

Take a look at monocled.com and become a regular! A new comic added every day. Here's a preview:



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2007-12-22 20:02:57

lol, i like it.


2007-12-23 04:20:30

Looks like fun, despite the bad graphics. :P

DingoEatingFuzz responds:

awww they aren't all that bad :P Fortunately comics can be funny no matter how poorly they're drawn.


2008-01-20 19:17:17

I was looking at my first review I made and it was of your Defensless Stick. Unlike before I actually got far this time and saw the epic battle between the UFO thing, that was very fun and worth the look back.
Great game. Keep up the good work.


2008-03-06 10:40:59

Truth was here


2008-04-01 03:50:52

Hey, just dropping a personal thanks for your Basic Flash Tutorial. It really has helped me a lot.

I bought a book of Flash 8 For Dummies and I went through that entire book and didn't learn a whole lot...although your Tutorial had me practicing everything in the Flash easily as I just switch back to my Flash program. Rinse and repeat. Thanks again.



2011-08-08 12:02:56

Really funny and it looks like it could be good! Although if I didn't know any better I would have thought this was an old cyanide and Happiness comic.