2007-12-22 19:38:51 by DingoEatingFuzz
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Rudiments :: Rock Out!

2007-07-18 22:47:09 by DingoEatingFuzz

The Rock Out contest is now over and we are all waiting for the results. Who wouldn't be with prizes that delicious? I also submitted a game for the contest,. Rudiments is a game similar to DDR but with a drumming twist. Perform certain combinations of keystrokes to execute what are called rudiments in the drumming world. Confused? Play the game and it will all make sense.

Sitting at a mere 800-some views the game is longing for your attention. Check out the game and play all four songs to rank in the high score boards that can be accessed from the game itself (thank you Armor Bot!)

Featuring a unique rudiment parsing system integrated seamlessly into the DDR-esque engine resulting in virtually no lag, this game is worth a play for more than one reason. You will also want to see your stats at the end of the game to see how you did compared to your friends as they struggle like you did your first time playing.

Click here and play Rudiments now!!

Rudiments :: Rock Out!